Difficulties encountered in disconnection

result of the inherent mindset of the person who got dumped. You feel timid and afraid while your ex feels confident and secure. If you stop being afraid, he won’t have any power over you. I’ve emphasized before that personality and other aspects are just facades. The true essence is the battle of charm. If you’re not afraid of losing him, it means you don’t recognize his charm, and he will regret it. He appears carefree now because your weak mindset is guiding your actions. You fear losing him and are unwilling to let go, but that’s just nonsense.

Now, readers may ask, “If cutting off contact works, why do many people end up losing contact altogether?” Do you know why? It’s because your value isn’t high enough. Other people have higher value, and they have plenty of choices. It’s easy for them to find someone better, so they don’t need to come back to you. That’s the truth.

Instead of using the term “win back,” it’s more appropriate to say “reconciliation.” Our ultimate goal is to make the other person like you again. “Winning back” is a low-level, timid, and submissive concept. I believe you don’t really want to “win back” but rather to reunite and make the other person fall in love with you again. It’s not about begging and having the other person respond like a parent, saying, “Okay, you’ve realized your mistake, and there’s no greater virtue than repentance. I’ll give you another chance…” Love relationships are not parent-child relationships, so true “winning back” doesn’t exist, and it’s not what you want. Even if it were given to you, it would be meaningless. Most importantly, it’s impossible to succeed if the other person despises you and doesn’t want to be with you.

If you don’t let go, reconciliation is impossible because of human nature. If you approach them with a mindset of seeking reconciliation, it makes you look pitiful. The relationship between men and women is not a benevolent parent-child relationship but a fierce competition. I’ve said it dozens of times, why do men and women come together? It’s because of “attraction.” This is the purest essence. If someone is with you just because you have money, neither you nor the other person will be happy because there’s no satisfaction in that. So, when you understand the nature of attraction between men and women, do you really not understand the nature of breaking up? Why bother begging? Seeking something that works is like a pig trying to climb a tree, defying the laws of nature…

So yes, what is taught here is not about winning back, but it’s also not about pretending to win back and then letting go. That’s not the purpose.

Superficially, you can see it that way and understand it. But fundamentally, it’s not the case. Only when you become a person full of charm and inner strength will you attract others. So, you can not only attract your ex (they are just one person and can’t resist your charm; otherwise, it doesn’t make sense), but you can also attract more and better people.

Regarding low-maintenance women and high-maintenance men who get dumped or ignored before or at the beginning of a relationship, it’s simply the man finding an excuse. In the end, he has no choice but to tell you the truth, such as “you are a nice person, but I’m not ready yet,” etc. In this situation, it means the woman’s value isn’t high enough. Even if you have a good temper, the man will feel that you

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