How to deal with the bottleneck period during no contact

Many people encounter bottlenecks during the no contact period, where they struggle to convince themselves, can’t persist, and end up breaking the silence. There are a few common reasons for this: 1. Fear of losing contact completely; 2. Fear that the other person has found someone new; 3. Having a strong desire and need for contact with the other person in order to feel satisfied and bring closure.

These reasons can be combined, leading to an uncontrollable urge to reach out to the ex, resulting in unpleasant outcomes. The ex might ignore you or respond with indifference. Of course, if you do reach out and satisfy your emotional desires, you should be prepared for the consequences, such as the failure of reconciliation.

Furthermore, if the other person truly has found someone new, should you immediately cut off contact? If you continue to entangle yourself, hoping to make the ex choose you again, will they listen to you? Since you know they won’t, why not preserve your dignity and decisively cut off contact? What is going through your mind?

I understand that you may feel a sense of security by maintaining contact, thinking it’s better than having no contact at all. You might believe that holding onto something gives you a sense of control. But honestly, ask yourselves, are you really in control of the situation? Can you really manipulate the outcome and make the other person come back to you? What makes them want to reconcile with you? In fact, your dependence on your ex only makes them look down on you.

On the surface, it may seem like you’re chatting occasionally and being friends, feeling familiar. But the romantic distance between a man and a woman is like an entire universe apart, even though it appears close. The more you cling to him and maintain contact, the less mystery and attractiveness you possess. Remember, distance creates beauty.

If you understand this article, don’t be afraid! Don’t hesitate!

  • If your relationship is already in a terrible state, shouldn’t you be determined to let go of it?
  • Human memory is intermittent. Even if someone remembers you in the moment, it’s often out of habit, not the kind of “true love that can’t be lost” feeling. True memories resurface after a certain period, and they can be overwhelming, making life seem unbearable. That’s the key, you see?

Your subconscious belief should be that you are the best person they have ever encountered, and they will never find someone better than you. Even if they flirt with others, they are all losers. Why would you bother with losers? If you don’t worry, there’s nothing for you to worry about!

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