Precautions for disconnection

After a breakup, whether you can respond or not, the principle is to not reply at all. The principle is to ignore them completely.

You should convey a sense of indifference towards him, ignore him, and not regard him as a person at all. If you must meet and maintain a friendship, maintain a superficial smile while remaining emotionally distant. Let him feel complete disdain from you.

Even if you respond to her, make sure to be exceptionally polite. Engaging in communication with her should showcase your high manners and refinement, rather than actively trying to please her.

When it comes to whether or not to update your social media accounts, there is one principle to follow: do so without considering your ex at all, based on your own mindset and mood. You can freely post on your social media as long as you don’t take your ex into account. Sharing moments on your timeline is acceptable, preferably in a positive and uplifting manner. Alternatively, you can choose not to post on your social media and focus on cultivating your inner self. After a month or two, you can update your account with positive aspects of your life, and it will have a positive impact.

From the moment you achieve emotional independence, what you choose to share is entirely up to you. Your actions reflect the changes in your mindset. As long as you progress mentally and stop considering your ex, naturally, everything you share will be filled with positive energy, or you may choose not to share anything at all. At this point, even if your ex posts something, it won’t affect you. Do you know what the competition is at this stage? If you feel upset, it only brings him joy, but it doesn’t lead to any meaningful outcome. Making you feel miserable is simply his way of seeking satisfaction, nothing more. However, if you show no reaction and continue living your life, it will make him feel uncomfortable. His discomfort will trigger a butterfly effect, resulting in a series of significant changes. It all starts with his psychological unease, do you understand? Therefore, the outcome of this situation is crucial.

If after the breakup you unleash a barrage of insults on him, it’s like exploding in anger, and he won’t see himself as the problem. Instead, he will perceive you as annoying, weak, and unappealing. However, if you simply ignore him, that’s playing at a higher level. He will not only carefully reflect on his own mistakes but also find you incredibly charming, extremely cool, and indifferent to him.

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