The nature of disconnection

If you continue to maintain contact with your ex, they can continue to enjoy the benefits you offer. However, it’s important to remember that when your ex decided to break up, they lost interest in you and no longer see your positive qualities. In fact, they may even feel extreme annoyance towards you. On the other hand, if you cut off contact and make them feel the loss of you, they will reminisce about the good times you had together and magnify your positive qualities. If you don’t initiate the feeling of loss by maintaining contact, they will never reflect on their actions.

People only realize the value of something when they lose it; this is a fundamental aspect of human nature that no one can resist. Many ex-partners claim they no longer have feelings or that the relationship isn’t suitable due to various pressures. The remedy for such situations is to cut off contact. Only through this action will their impression of you be reshaped. Consider this: you go above and beyond to be kind to your ex, hoping to move them emotionally. However, true emotional impact can only occur when both parties are mutually attracted. Once a breakup happens, your attempts to impress will only repel them, as regardless of whether they love you or not, they know you will always love them. Thus, they see no need to value or invest in the relationship. Only by letting go and making them experience the loss of your presence will they be motivated to reciprocate in order to retain the positive aspects you brought to their life. If you don’t sever contact, they won’t feel the loss of you, and they may even feel superior. Love is not about charity, as no one will love someone weaker than themselves. Human nature tends to favor strength.

To be honest, getting back together after a breakup is often unlikely. In the first round of the relationship, you have already lost. It is necessary to cut off contact and let go of your ex-partner. If, by chance, you happen to meet again and rekindle each other’s interest, that would be a second phase of the relationship. The first phase must be completely over before a new and healthier intimate relationship can begin. If you cling on, beg, or try to hold onto the remnants of the first part of the relationship, it signifies that you will always be in a position of failure. It becomes difficult to turn the tables around.

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