The first thing to do after a breakup (Main Content)

Do not seek advice from ChatGPT on what to do after a breakup because romantic relationships involve human nature, and only humans can truly understand its essence.

The first thing to do after a breakup is to “cut off contact.” Regardless of any mistakes you may have made, remember that it’s crucial to completely disappear from your ex-partner’s world. This is the most significant blow you can deliver to your ex. Don’t worry about whether they have found someone new, or whether they still have feelings for you. Don’t hesitate—cut off contact immediately.

If you confront him in anger, he will actually feel happy because he has succeeded in destabilizing your emotions. Additionally, by confronting him, you are showing that you still care about him. On the other hand, if you cut off contact directly, he will start reflecting on himself and may even speculate about your thoughts. For example, he might wonder if you had wanted to break up for a while and were just waiting for him to say it. While you might think he wants you to disappear from his world, deep down he may secretly hope for your continued involvement. Only when you completely disappear will he start to speculate about your thoughts and actions. These thoughts will cause significant psychological turmoil for him, essentially inflicting emotional abuse on his psyche.

Remember: Only by cutting off contact can you make him reflect on his own egregious actions, reflect on how he has wronged you, and thereby place yourselves on equal footing. Once you choose to engage in entanglement, blame, or begging, the only result is that he will look down on you. Furthermore, when you start to let go after a few months, you will feel childish and ashamed of the various behaviors driven by your heightened emotions.

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