The First Step After a Breakup (Introduction 2)

The ultimate goal for many is reconciliation. However, seeking reconciliation through desperate pleading is a rather low-level approach. What everyone hopes for is to earnestly plead and wait for the other person to respond with a parental-like tone, saying, “Okay, since you acknowledge your mistake, I will forgive you. Just make sure you don’t repeat it in the future.”

Love is not comparable to a parent-child relationship. True “reconciliation” is nonexistent. If you cannot let go, it is impossible to reconcile because of the laws of human nature. As long as you hold onto the mentality of making amends with someone, they will forever look down on you because you have a lower stance, as you need them in order to perceive the meaning of life.

The dynamic between men and women is not simply a regular parent-child relationship but rather an intense competitive relationship. I want to reiterate multiple times that attraction and commonality are crucial factors in a successful relationship. Attraction is highly important, and if you are together solely for financial reasons, it becomes dull and uninteresting. Therefore, a breakup signifies that you lack any form of attraction towards the other person. It goes against the laws of nature to believe that you can achieve your goals through pleading alone.

So, the key point I want to convey is that only by becoming a charismatic and internally strong individual can you not only attract your ex back but also attract even more exceptional individuals. This aligns with the laws of human nature that no one can obstruct. In the subsequent main content, I will elaborate on how to become an internally strong person.

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